Previous Editions

In this overview you will find the presentations of the previous editions of the Clean Hydrogen Conference. 2021 | 2021 The presentations at the previous editions covered several topics. The gasification of biomass towards hydrogen and green CO2 Pyrolysis, a chemical recycling method The splitting of natural gas in pure carbon and hydrogen Hydrogen can …

Brightsite ‘s approach to the feedstock transition

For integrated chemical Site’s as Chemelot, the feedstock transition towards CO2 neutral operations is the dominating topic in view of the Energy transition. Hydrogen is at Chemelot foremost a feedstock. Brightsite is offering an open innovation platform for a fact and science based transition path.

Bill Gates-Led Fund Backs Clean Hydrogen start-up

Tech start-up C-Zero splits methane into hydrogen and solid carbon, eliminating much of the greenhouse-gas impact. C-Zero’s technology uses innovative thermocatalysis to split methane – the primary molecule in natural gas – into hydrogen and solid carbon in a process known as methane pyrolysis.


The 2022 conference edition takes place at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. If you want to stay up to date about the next edition of the conference, please subscribe to our newsletter. Go the previous editions page for downloading presentations and / or watching presentations. The conference program is crafted to highlight real-world initiatives, projects and technologies …

On Chemical Process Electrification, Power to Chemical. Energy storage and Clean Hydrogen

The program is crafted to highlight real-world initiatives, projects and technologies to make decarbonization happen in the chemical industry. Key topics of the conference are: Power to heat:  Chemical process electrification replaces the use of fossil fuels with renewable energy. High-temperature applications are key in most chemical production methods and the power demand of a typical …